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Wedding Category

7.1. Specific Rules

7.1.1  These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules.

7.1.2  Entries in the Wedding category must have been created in connection with an actual wedding or ‘civil union’ event. 

7.1.3  Images should show personality in the subject/s or illustrate the story of the event. 

7.1.4  Commercial, Fine Art and Fashion images are not permitted in the Wedding category and should be entered into Commercial or Fine Art categories. Images should represent the work a wedding photographer presents to their clients.

7.1.5  ALL post-production must be the work of the entrant or by a retoucher or digital artist under the direction of the entrant. However, any substantial digital enhancement which significantly alters the images from the original capture must be the work of the entrant and not by a separate digital artist, retoucher, digital enhancer, etc

7.1.6  Composite images are allowed provided the post-production does not overwhelm or distort the original content or scene. 

7.2    Subcategories

This category has the following subcategories.

7.2.1  General. This subcategory is available for any wedding images that do not suit any of the subcategories listed below.

7.2.2  In-camera Craft. Single capture, (including in-camera multi-exposure, panoramic stitch, focus stacking, HDR). Basic post-production techniques, such as colour and brightness adjustments, cropping, dodging and burning, conversion to monochrome are permitted. `Minor’ post-production editing (such as removal of spots and blemished) are acceptable. Composites, the removal or the addition of any other elements with images are not permitted. The original image content is to be retained. 

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