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Portrait Category

3.1. Specific Rules

3.1.1  These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules.

3.1.2  This category is for photographs of `people’ (at least one) or domesticated pets (for the `Pets' category) and can include candid, formal, artistic, portraits of families, groups, couples and individuals.

3.1.3  Composite images are permitted provided the post-production treatment does not significantly alter the image’s originality or subject’s personality or story.

3.1.4  ALL post-production must be the work of the entrant or by a retoucher or digital artist under the direction of the entrant. However, any substantial digital enhancement which significantly alters the images from the original capture must be the work of the entrant and not by a separate digital artist, retoucher, digital enhancer, etc.

3.1.5  Entrants will have the opportunity to indicate where an image is predominantly created using in-camera techniques (such a multi-exposures, HDR, focus stacking, pano-stitching, etc) with minimal post production enhancement. This will be declared at the time of judging for judges to take this into consideration when evaluating an image (and remove the assumption that such techniques are as a result of significant post-production enhancement, such as composites, overlays, etc.)

3.1.6  Any image that depicts baby in a pose and/or prop that might compromise the baby’s safety, must be executed with adequate support from an assistant, and composite images should be used where appropriate. Images displaying newborn babies in `Froggy Pose’ or `Potato Pose’ will not be accepted. However, a modified potato pose where baby's head is clearly supported is accepted.

3.2. Subcategories

This category has the following subcategories.

3.2.1  General. This subcategory is available for any portrait images that do not suit any of the subcategories listed below.

3.2.2  Family. This subcategory includes photographs of groups consisting of two or more people who are related in a family sense, such as siblings, parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles.

3.2.3  Pets. This subcategory includes images of any `domesticated’ animal that captures their appearance, essence or personality. Partial capture of their form or shape from a creative perspective is acceptable. If people are included, they should not be the main element of the image.


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