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Fine Art Category

2.1. Specific Rules

2.1.1  These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules.

2.1.2  This category is open and can have any subject matter. In-camera and post- production techniques and enhancements are unlimited and unrestricted, except that the base image and any additional elements must be 100% photographic in origin and captured by the entrant.

2.1.3  ALL post-production must be the work of the entrant and not by a separate digital artist, retoucher, digital enhancer, etc.

2.1.4  The file(s) used for compositing (e.g. PSD (PhotoShop) file) with all layers visible and all associated files may be requested by the Organiser.

2.2    Alternative Processes

2.2.1  Alternative and experimental photographic processes can be entered into this category. Examples are (but not limited to) cyanotype, analogue photography (e.g. printing from negative), gelatine silver prints, daguerreotypes, gum bichromates.

Digital image file versions of the images are initially submitted for judging. Entrants also have the option to submit the original printed version of the image, which can be indicated when submitting the digital files to enter the competition.

2.3    Subcategories

This category has no subcategories.

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