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Commercial Category

These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules.

6.1. Specific Rules

6.1.1  These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules in Section 1.

6.1.2  With the exception of Section 6.1.4, Commercial/Advertising entries are commissioned or non-commissioned images to be used by a commercial client for promotion or branding of a product or company. Advertising, fashion, beauty, still life, food, architectural and corporate photography are all included in this category.

6.1.3  Composite and non-composite images as well as highly manipulated images are allowed, however all photographic components must have been created by the entrant/photographer. Text graphics can be included, but must not indicate the identity of the entrant/photographer.

6.1.4  Any image used for advertising or promotion of a business, government agency or corporation must be commissioned work. Post production can be by another person providing it is not the dominant feature of the image and it is the

`photography’ components of the image that are the main focus. Text and/or graphics can be included provided they are not the dominant feature of the image. Judging will be of the `photographic’ components of the imagery.

6.1.5  A description disclosing the nature or purpose of the commercial use of the image is permitted (limited to 25 words). This is optional.

6.1.6  CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is permitted provided it is not the dominant feature or subject of the image. Entrant will need to indicate when CGI is used with the image. However, no AI (Artificial Intelligence) generate content is permitted, refer Section 1.5.

6.2    Subcategories

This category has no subcategories.

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