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Business of the Year Category

To enter the Business of the Year award, download the Business Award Questionnaire, complete and then upload via the entry portal (available when entries open).

Business Award Questionnaire 


These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules.

9.1. Specific Rules

9.1.1  These category rules are to be read in conjunction with the General Rules in Section 1.

9.1.2  Eligibility is restricted to businesses whose services included the capture and selling of photographic and video imagery, .  These can include (but are not limited to) advertising, architecture, commercial, documentary, fashion, fine art, landscape, photojournalism, portraiture, sports, travel, wedding, wildlife, etc. Retailers and wholesalers do not qualify.

9.1.3  The business must be currently operational and have a minimum operating history of 12 months in Western Australia.

9.1.4  Entrants must legally own a minimum of 50% of the business.

9.1.5  Entrants must reside in Western Australia, as per section 1.1.1.

9.1.6  The business must demonstrate an annual turnover exceeding $40,000.

9.1.7  The business must have no upheld complaints (by clients or any other parties).

9.1.8  Neither the business nor the entrant shall have undertaken bankruptcy proceedings within the prior 5 years.

9.2    Entry

9.2.1  To enter the Business of the Year award, download the Business Award Questionnaire (available at , complete it and then upload via the entry portal.

9.2.2  The questionnaire covers the following topics relating to the entrant’s business:

  • Business Performance
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Industry Recognition

Each question must be answered in a paragraph form, containing a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500 words. Entrants may add any supporting evidence, references and images they feel supports their entry. All responses must pertain to the previous financial year of 2023/2024, unless specified otherwise.

9.3    Your Privacy

9.3.1  The entry process for these awards involves a review of the entrant’s business and responses to specified questions as a part of the judging process. 

9.3.2  To ensure the privacy of the entrant’s information, only two of the Orloff Awards administrators and the judging team, comprising of up to 5 photographers who are all experienced business people located interstate, will have access to the entries. They are all bound by confidentiality agreements and are prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing any of the entrant’s information (in whole or part) to any other person or entity, unless required by law. No other persons will have access to entrants’ submissions.

9.3.3  The information provided will be securely and confidentially stored for one month after the announcement of the winner of the Orloff Awards’ Business of the Year Award. This allows time for any appeals, protests and possible reviews for any breech of competition rules. After this period all entrants submitted information will be permanently deleted.

9.3.4  By participating in this competition and submitting the required information and your responses to questions, each entrant consents to allow their details and submitted information to being reviewed and analysed by the Business Award judges.


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