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About the Ilford Orloff Awards

The Orloff Awards are designed for professional photographers in WA with the purposes of providing the following benefits; 

  • Entrants to receive feedback and critique on their images entered in these Awards. 
  • Entrants and non-entrants to hear feedback and critique of other images, so that they may learn and grow and continue their development as talented, skilled professional photographers. 
  • Entrants to gain peer recognition and reward for outstanding imagery. 
  • Entrants to have an opportunity to market any successes (awards) they may receive for their imagery. 
  • An exhibition of prints to promote the industry and to the wider community a `snap shot’ of Professional Photography work in WA 
  • The celebration and sharing of the passion of the craft and skill of pro photography. 
  • The creation of a community of fellowship and support between pro photographers and all who work in the industry.
  • A networking opportunity with peers and all industry folk, particularly the sponsors who support the awards.
  • Promotion of the occasion and to broaden awareness of what pro photographers are capable of producing. 
  • An immersion, celebration, recognition and the awarding of creativity, innovation and craft. 


The competition consists of the following events; 


 1. The judging of entries is in two stages. 

Stage 1: The judging of digital images - open judging and people can attend.

Stage 2: The judging of finalist printed folios - closed judging (and results are secret!)


 2. Awards night and opening of the exhibition. 

 3. The Orloff Exhibition


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